Practice Areas

We believe that wholesome leadership is needed to create more productive, profitable, and sustainable organizations that are better prepared for the unpredictability of today’s business world.

Sound leadership is at the core of everything required to drive significant enterprise change, attract exceptional talents, and deliver phenomenal results.

Business executives must perform at their peak and we are determined to ensure that we collaborate with your leaders to provide the scope and bearing they need to drive organizational success through exhaustive, long-range planning and effective coaching & mentoring.


For your business to deal with ever-growing organizational challenges, there are several things you must be thinking about. These include your current business model, your business requirements, attracting, selecting & retaining the right talent and leaders at every level, aligning them with the business and continuing to improve their effectiveness. We offer your organization developmental opportunities to enable its people to thrive abundantly in their careers and prevent your high performers from becoming a flight risk.

There is no standard checklist that truly unifies your people to pursue organizational goals.

Through systemic and full-scale approach to helping your organization deal with these challenges, our offerings are aimed at organizational and capability strengthening. We will partner with you to first learn about your organization’s specific needs and create customized lasting solutions for you.


At the core of our work, ARMOURGATE provides consulting services for public sector reforms with significant leanings on research and policy reviews, performance-based public services, government reforms, and good governance.

The public sector influences the sphere within which global markets operate and the players in these sectors are adopting innovative change frameworks from the private sector to achieve their aim.

We work- from analysis to delivery of enduring impact- in multiple functions including operations, organizational strengthening, communication, and strategy to deliver lasting change that will improve the lives of millions across the world.


At Armourgate, the criticality of sound communication as a trigger for high performance and growth is not lost on us.

Many organizations view their communications as service resource or as process enablers. We know it is much more!

If your ideas cannot connect, compellingly and continually, then there is a gap.

A well-planned and executed communications strategy can change minds, motivate action, and inspire people to care.

We help with the What of your communications by capturing and articulating what needs to be emphasized and what should be glossed over. We do this by framing your points thematically and expressing them creatively.

We then plan the How of your communications by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of alternative channels for delivering your message.

Finally, the Who of your communications requires Audience Plans for the targeted audience you want to reach. This identifies specific objectives and strategies for a particular group. We plan and measure explicitly for them, while simultaneously ensuring integration with other audience initiatives


Integrated Communications:

Communications Strategy and Planning               
Channel & Media Strategies

Content Strategy:

Brand and Corporate identity

Public outreach

Print:  Advertising
Collateral Programs
Publications Designs
Annual & Corporate Responsibility Reports

Culture Change:

Internal Analysis/Audits
Internal Communications Plan Development

Based on our unique expertise, we can help you achieve a new level of success by creating sound business solutions and infrastructure through data-driven, intelligent software, from strategy to implementation.



Tax laws and regulations, and financial efficiency can be a complex area for businesses.
Our auditing approach is designed to identify potential threats to profitability, and design and recommend ways to mitigate risks associated with those threats.


Titilola Ogunsona


Titilola Ogunsona supports institutions and teams by creating solutions that tick two boxes every-time: Actionable and Sustainable.

She has cohesive experience from engagements with clients across sectors such as retail, public services, financial services, manufacturing and Information & technology service firms.                    

Her expertise areas include General management, Strategic planning, Institutional strengthening, design and implementation of performance management frameworks and Strategic Human Resource Management.

She started her career in Banking with Equatorial Trust Bank working across functions in operations for six years before transitioning to lead one of Nigeria’s leading furniture distribution brands: The Peach Company Lagos as General Manager.

She has lead corporate transformation project at Magidel Foods and other change missions for clients such as the Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC); Enikkom Construction Limited (ECL) and Microkernel Technologies.

Her analytical rigour, high energy and love for transferring skills makes her connect easily with diverse audiences. She has conducted executive programs for NAPIMS, Dangote Flour Mills, The Nigerian Shippers Council and The Kaduna State Judiciary among others.

When she is not coaching she devotes her time to supporting people to find sustaining solutions to socio-cultural issues. She is on the board of two charities in Nigeria.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Lagos State University a Master’s Degree in Finance and a PhD (in view) in Finance.

Kenny Omodara


Kenny joined Armourgate in 2014 after several years in roles in Strategic marketing communications, Public Affairs and Advocacy work advising a range of organizations, from start-ups to large corporates. He has managed projects for Cadbury, Globacom, Society for Family Health, UNODC, Dashen Bank Ethiopia, The Legal Aid Council of Nigeria, The Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation among several Federal Ministries and Agencies across Nigeria and worked on national electoral campaigns.

His work has involved launching new products and designing change management interventions, capacity building programs on various subject
areas from strategy, product development to communications.

He now takes lead on Operations within consulting and communications practices where he advises international corporate clients on Strategy and
operational transformation.

David Amobi


David Amobi combines skills sets in strategy, project management and technology to enable him provide the strategic insights that help shape action-oriented cultures and sustainable structures for our clients

He also uses his insights to shape compelling customer propositions that span the digital and physical world.

He has worked with teams to deliver projects for Learning & Development, performance management, workforce management and data analytics.

He is an engaging facilitator and has excellent experience designing capacity building workshops.

He graduated with a degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from the University of Lagos Nigeria and is a certified Strategic Human Resource professional.

As Armourgate’s team Lead on Research and Data Management, one of his passions is to demonstrate how data science and analytics can be leveraged to enhance business productivity in the simplest of ways.

Tolu Omodara


Tolu is an Institutional Strengthening and Strategic Management practitioner who has worked for over 15 years across continents, sectors, and industries in the pursuit of institutional strengthening. She has done deep and enduring work across the entire spectra of Strategy, Human Capital Management, and Change Leadership in the private, public, nonprofit, and development sectors.

Tolu led projects like the implementation of Competency-Based Recruitment in MTN Nigeria in 2008; development & implementation of an HR Reform Plan for Nigeria’s Federal Civil Service Commission from 2012; implementation of a new Performance Management Process for the Kaduna State Judiciary, Nigeria from 2013; and creation of a Leadership Development Program for Nigeria’s Federal Civil Service in 2014.

Tolu has equally been working on the implementation of Capacity Building Programs for the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and the National Bank of Ethiopia from 2015. She also designed and implemented a Monitoring & Evaluation Framework for a housing initiative of Montgomery County in Pennsylvania, USA, between 2018 and 2019.

She has likewise developed and delivered several Strategy, Management and leadership workshops in the US, UK, UAE, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.

Tolu serves on the Board of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO); and is an avid writer, travel enthusiast & devoted mentor.